The best team in the Premier League after almost 1/3 of the season

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11 matches in the English Premier League, hitting the horseshoes, in addition to being more exciting, respectively. The team managers/head coaches have been fired for five clubs. Including enough to see the face of the team of the 2021-22 season, who is good?


After moving for a hefty fee from Sheffield United , England international Aaron Ramsdale’s goal is proving to be cool, overcoming skepticism.  

The 23- year-old has been name on the bench in his first two league games this season. And since the start of the team, the team forgot the name of Leno brand .  

For example, the game found Lester shown super safe on a free kick by James Madden Edison to bring four clean sheets out of 8 games away cranked by a strong team promoted from vice Plum in the first month. It’s in fifth place at this time. Behind the crowd , Chelsea six points already resulted in Rheims Dale has lead the England attack game series in San Marino 10-0 qualifying round of the FIFA World Cup 2022 yesterday.  

Defender the Premier League

Starting at the right-back position must be given to Reece James because not only defend the outstanding 4 goals when he entered the field. But the offensive game is outstanding as well.

Eight games in the league that have been play by the Chelsea Academy. The good ones have contributed to four goals , three assists until he became the team’s joint top scorer.

Continued at centre-back, Antonio Rudiger is another standout of the ‘ Blues ‘, having missed just one start in 11 games this season, so he’s able to concentrate despite distractions. pointed out the end of June . a . 2022. 

Works or digital trigger does not fall from the season before joining Championship Bush years . Now, it’s the evening.  

Two representatives from the defender and Manchester City are Ruben Dias in the center back position is still strong, of course, no different from the season before. Plus the leadership role is so prominent that he grabs the captain’s armband.  

Culminating with the back left , holds a GaN Zelo ‘s position is even across the field. But can rock to play without being awkward The overall picture is tight. Outstanding attack from the score of the Manchester derby match

Midfield the Premier League

After being link with a move to join Manchester United, priced 100 million pounds over the summer Tmaptmma relief he played for West Ham following.  

Midfielder 22 -year bombing said Teng in the wake mold of David Moyes stepped out wearing the captain’s armband from Mark Noble the Talmud knock down every league game this season, helping ‘ The Hammer ‘ on the table through 11. match day

The other two prominent midfielders were not from the top five teams. The midfielder is secondary to the glass and form a tight Conor Fingal Ravens Schwarzenegger ‘s Crystal Palace and Yury hit Le fun of Leicester.  

Gallagher was on loan from Chelsea. Overall after missing the mother’s team, he took the cornerstone with outstanding results helping the team defeat Manchester City and Tottenham.  

On the side of Tielemans, he started every game of Fox, pumping the propulsion, trying to get the team back to shore. It wouldn’t take long.  


No doubt at this time, if deciding the best player of the season or perhaps the world of football. It has to be Mohamed Salah.  

King of Egypt The Heat beat the 11 goals from 11 league games, the standard treatment still win the league goalscoring kaleidoscope Gus Ward’s and the scorer of the season.