Real Madrid to step up measures to prevent coronavirus

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Real Madrid are terrified of the spread of coronavirus at the club after two players have teste positive, Marcelo and Luka Modric.

Spanish newspaper Marca reports that Real Madrid must increase measures to prevent coronavirus. more intense and concise For fears there may be more players who test positive besides Marcelo and Modric. Real Madrid’s training centre, Valdebebas, has taken additional measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus after Marcelo and Modric tested positive on Wednesday.

Past, including Tomas Ertel, a basketball player and Pablo Laso, the club’s coaching team. There was fear that more people could be infect inside the building. Real Madrid has implemented measures to prevent COVID-19. Some have reappeared as they did when the pandemic began, such as limiting outsiders’ contact with internal personnel. or a virtual press conference, etc.

At this time, Real Madrid will recheck all players again. To make sure no one has tested positive after Marcelo and Modric. Marcelo and Modric are expect to miss their next two games against Cadiz. And Athletic Bilbao on December 19 and 22 respectively. The last two games of 2021. Before taking a break of 10 days and returning to play the game against Getafe on January 2. Which is expect that both of them should be able to return to the ufabet team