Klopp hints Salah backs up just to keep goalscoring

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Mohamed Salah attacked Liverpool’s net to win the final game of the English Premier League against Wolverhampton Wanderers (May 22), just as a substitute for reasons to maintain the league’s top scorer of the season. From the revelation of team manager Jurgen Klopp

Salah has made 22 goals (5 penalties ), one more than Spurs’ Son Heung – Min ( 21 goals without penalties ). Plus the striker from Dan Kimchi will be relegated like Norwich. The chance to add more goals is very high.  

So ‘ JK ‘ would like the opportunity to give the Egyptian forward a chance to defend his personal honor despite just recovering from a hamstring injury. 

Other delinquents such as Virgil van Dijk ( knee ), Fabinho ( muscle dorsal knee ) or Joe Gomez ( leg ) may not be at risk for real use. Because there is an important match for the National Championships . Looking forward to ufabet

” First and foremost, Joe Gomez, we have good news , ” Klopp said .

“ On Thursday there was a follow-up scan. After it was done at the end of the game. Southampton ( won 2-1). We were fortunate that although it was a modest injury, none of the gardens were damaged. ” 

“ It was around his leg that was injured. So it’s 100% understandable. Everyone was really worried – I even saw Joey’s face in the dressing room. It’s up to Bang Or that the player is the one who knows his physical condition the best. ” 

“ The new scan results are not out yet. But expect that it will not be different from the original Just do it to confirm the symptoms. If the condition seen at first, everything is normal. – If the scan results come out normal. The next step is pain management. How much that guy will be able to cope with the end of Thursday’s rehearsal and Friday’s meals, he probably knows at the moment, can’t be sure. ” 

“ All the others look good. So what kind of team arrangements do you have in your head? Of course, in the fight for the top scorer in the league between Salah and Son Heung – Min, we don’t want to take any risks, but ‘ Mo ‘ doesn’t want to be contested for the Golden Boot either. There is no doubt about that. ” 

“ Overview looks good, but the children have to go step by step. So let’s take a look. ” 

“ The intended solution is for the rhythmic players to play the entire season before. As for those returning from injury, at least they have an alternate name. We can choose to use it or not. They will participate. ” 

“ But if not, then probably after. Now I can’t verify anything 100%.” 

Asian Handicap Liverpool Two goals -10, Three goals combined three and a half -10