Hakim Mastur from YouTube god to unemployed

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The first goal in the Moroccan star’s career was brilliant. Unfortunately, it might be his only child.

    Hakim Mastur ‘s first professional goal was full of skill. Ten minutes of the ufabet game He slipped into the left penalty area after receiving a brilliant pass from his team-mates. before gently grasping it and shot through the goalkeeper’s hand into the far post from 8 yards

    It’s a gateway worth browsing on YouTube, not just for entertainment. But because it is unique And it is also the only goal Hakim Mastur score in his career as well.

    Still, it didn’t happen in the San Siro, as many had hoped. When he sign with AC Milan at the age of 14 and is name on the first team bench at just 15. At the time it looked like he would break all of Paolo Maldini’s records. down comfortably

    But that ball came in front of an empty stadium in the Serie C clash between Zambenedettese. And Mastur’s club Carpi in January 2021.

    However, at the end of the season, Mastur. Who had been rank 25th among the most promising young players of 2016, was release. And remains unaffiliated until now at the age of 23

    Back then, it was a completely different feeling when Milan bought Mastur from Regina in 2012 for €500,000 after seeing a video of him scoring in a youth game that became the “best football player in the world”. viral

    Mastur was one of the first footballers. with highlights on YouTube with clips showing techniques and skill along with the music that pumps. The website Goal named him the best 14-year-old in the world in 2012.

    Shortly after moving to Milan, Mastur was compare to Neymar in terms of online skills. While being view more than 10 million times.