Dean Smith ready to start at Norwich

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New Norwich manager Dean Smith is confident he will face Southampton. In the start of the new team because it is the same competitor that just clashed with skills

Dean Smith took charge of his former team Aston Villa in the last game. A defeat at Southampton 0-1 before being sent off. And took up the position at Norwich eight days later, and coincidentally. The first game at Carrow Road faced the same Saints.

“I know the way of Southampton then how to play. As I was in charge of the team facing them last game. That would have been more helpful if we played in a different way.” “Southampton beat Aston Villa 1-0 so we have to perform well for the result.” Smith talks about former Norwich manager Daniel Farke saying. He has built the team well. “I know Daniel Farke, he’s done a really good job at this club. 

It’s not good for anyone who has lost their job. But I have a lot of respect for the work he does here. He has left a very good legacy for me.” Meanwhile, Smith was aske about former club Aston Villa choosing Steven Gerrard as their replacement. Causing him to laugh. and in short, “no comment” “Obviously he was very succe