Belichick clarifies the case of choosing ‘Streng’

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Bill Belichick explains why he chose Tennessee-Chattanooga guard Cole Strange. The little-known football program joins the team as the 29th draft pick.

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick has explained why he chose Cole Strangeguard from the university. Tennessee-Chattanooga ranked 29th despite being a small, little-known football ufabet program. But the National Guard’s head coach is confident that Strange will be successful with his team. According to a report from the NFL Network on Thursday,

The draft class 2022 is full of surprises. But no player selection was as odd as the Patriots’ selection of the Strange Offensive Lineman for the 29th team despite coming from a relatively little-known football programme. Tennessee-Chattanooga

‘We felt that was a good thing. A guy that gets along well, Cole fits in well with our squad and our system,’ Belicic explained of the Strange selection.

‘Yes, again, it’s a combination of working with every player. So whatever opportunity you have to evaluate him,’ said Belishik, ‘Senior Bowl is part of it. That definitely raises the level of competition. They play with two SEC teams and his workout is pretty good as well.’

‘He’s a good looking athlete, good figure, smart, he does a lot of things. There are many great tools to work with. He has a long, long road like every player does when they come into the NFL. Look forward to working with him,’ Belishik said.