Back in the day with “Paul Scholes”

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Paul Scholes such matter Accepted at the mouth of Lee Sharpe, a former star player of Manchester United. Who go to watch the game with teammate Bryan Robson , Steve Bruce , Peter Hashemite Michael and Brian Mack. Claire, of course, Sir Alex Ferguson also traveled.    

Sharp recalled, “ Bryan Robson turned to shoot the manager and asked the question. Which youngster would the manager want to keep? along with any thoughts on letting anyone leave the team ?”

“ After that, the manager replied: We should have kept David Beckham , Nicky Butt , Neville and this guy. But I’m not sure how much. The team will keep the little boy. With red hair like Scholes Who plays the position of the midfield or not? “

For Paul Scholes, who turned 47 years old on November 16 past. It is consider a legend of Manchester United. That fans ” Red Devils ” still love and miss.  

It is undeniable that Scholes is a leading midfielder in the world of football. His footsteps were praise. And has been praise by many legends. Of course, he has won many honors with the ” Red Devils ” party.

Which is a champion of the Premier League 11 days , the FA Cup three days , League Cup two days , the UEFA Champions League two days. Including the world’s two days , however, an interesting story. That’s Scholes almost cut from the team Since playing in the youth team of United  

As we all know , Scholes has only played against Manchester United throughout his career. By slapping into the youth system of the “ Red Devils ” since 1991 before breaking into the first team in 1993, however. During the way He must have encountered some big problems.

Scholes is consider a small and shy player, of course, he is very talkative. And go with asthma by the age of 17 years Sir Alex Ferguson had said that the abuse took Scholes to step up as a footballer, how. because the shape is too small

The story that many people may not know. That Scholes is almost cut from the youth team by Manchester United. Because of the large team manager size Still don’t believe in footsteps and his body until one day An important turning point happened.