Alves excited to return to Barca’s second battle

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Indigo back Daniel Alves, 38, made his debut as a Barcelona player on Wednesday after signing a short six-month contract.

Daniel Alves, 38, made his official debut as a Barcelona player on Wednesday. After signing a short-term contract with the Azul Grana team Ready to show his determination during training and was the first to arrive on the training ground before anyone else. According to Mundo deportivo 

‘I never imagined this. I was telling my friends that the first time I came was unforgettable. And I think this time it will be unforgettable as well.’ 

‘I’m excited, it’s my biggest challenge. I know people expect the worst from me, not the fans, but from the outside, I tell them to shut up. My power will come when I have doubts about me. I react on the pitch, in this pitch.’

Alves played for Barcelona between 2008-2016 and won 23 trophies, joining Juventus, Paris Saint-Germain and Sao Paulo before the Brazilian left. Returning to the Nou Camp for the first time in five years, signing has not been easy given the club’s financial difficulties, with Alves stressing that money is not a priority.

‘I don’t care about that. I want to stay at Barca and play for free if needed. Anything.’

‘I came to Barça through the main door. And I want to get out of the main door as well.’

‘A year after I left I offered to return to Barca, but they refused,’ Alves said.

Alves, however, insists he is not surprised to be back at Azul Grana following the departure of former chairman Josep Maria Bartomeu. 

‘I knew I was going back to Barca after he left (Bartomeu), I decided to leave Barcelona earlier because I didn’t want to be kicked out.