Alemani hopes Dembele’s contract is resolved ASAP

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Barcelona director of football Mateu Alemani has only expect. Ousmane Dembele to accept a new offer from the club as soon as possible.

Barcelona director of football Mateu Alemani has admitted that the situation regarding a new deal with Ousmane Dembele has not changed. But he expects the matter to resolve soon, according to Deario Sport ufabet on Thursday. 

Dembele has a contract with Barcelona until this summer. The club have been in talks with representatives of the 24-year-old winger for months now. The two sides have yet to reach an agreement as expected, but Alemani is optimistic that the matter will settle in the foreseeable future. 

‘The situation has not changed with Dembele’ 

‘He knows what the club thinks. He has an offer on the table and he knows we should fix the situation ASAP.’

‘We hope it goes well. and he will stay with us Because he is an important player and there will be an update soon,’ Alemani told Deario Sport.

According to the Barca director, Dembélé has had an offer on the table for weeks, and it’s time to decide.

“The situation hasn’t changed with Dembélé,” Alemany told Sport.

“He knows very well what the club thinks. He has out offer on the table and he knows that we should resolve this situation quickly.